helmut.cloud is a better way to build workflows

helmut.cloud is a holistic platform to organize, craft, trigger, run and monitor all your workflows so your team can control production the way they want.

For years, workflows and integrations have been something the creatives need, admins want, and only the techs understand. helmut.cloud empowers everyone to build workflows and integrate applications. – No restrictions, no compromises.


Jack of all trades

With helmut.cloud you can connect any of your internal and external applications, craft workflows the way you want, and run them just anywhere. It combines the best of integration, automation, programming and desktop automation in one place.. oh and it’s also an event gateway.


Connect applications using app templates, rest API’s and scripts. The powerful Streamdesigner Studio lets you use our out-of-the-box components or your own custom made ones, to integrate into your favorite applications.

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Run workflows periodically by defining powerful and secure cron jobs. Utilise helmut.cloud to not only automate your internal workflows but also to seamlessly integrate and trigger any external rest API.

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No code/low code not enough? Build your own custom nodes based on Typescript directly within our web UI. Organize and manage complete sets of nodes within your own catalogs including all of the dependencies needed.

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Event Gateway

helmut.cloud comes with an easy but powerful solution to trigger workflows based on any event you can find on the planet. Utilise our API, web hooks, Command Line Interface (CLI) or implement our powerful SDK, available in four different languages.

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What’s RPA again? Some call it Robotic Process Automation, we call it the “helmut.cloud Agent”. The Agent empowers you to deploy your workflows universally, supporting Windows, Mac or Linux platforms. Consequently, it facilitates seamless operation across on-premise and cloud-based environments…or would you prefer hybrid? Regardless of the specific circumstances, helmut.cloud consistently delivers optimal performance.

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BYOW – Bring your own workflow

Your production is unique, complete with its own set of challenges and requirements. The solution lies in helmut.cloud, which empowers you to facilitate and implement the workflow solutions you know best.

Run workflows periodically by defining powerful and secure cron jobs. Not just to trigger your workflows within helmut.cloud but also any Rest API that is out there.

Execute the workflows wherever needed. Whether it’s on prem, in the cloud or hybrid, whether it’s Windows, Mac or Linux.

Build as many workflows with as many nodes as needed to find your own workflows within the toolkit.


Collaboration at its best

Designed as a versatile and open platform, helmut.cloud revolutionizes how individuals, mid-sized companies, and large enterprises manage and streamline their production workflows. By centralizing all aspects of usergroup management in one unified location, helmut.cloud not only facilitates the sharing of ideas but also enhances collaborative creation across various levels of operation.


In our system, a hierarchical organizational structure is implemented at the top level. You have the flexibility to establish and manage your own subordinate organizations. Within each organization, you can invite individuals to collaborate, grouping these users into teams where you define their roles and access rights. Comprehensive role management features support this structure by controlling access to various workflows and applications.

Bring your own IDP

Helmut Cloud offers a flexible integrated identity provider solution. That’s not enough? Bring your own! This allows organizations to seamlessly integrate with existing identity providers such as Gmail, Microsoft Azure, or custom IDs. By using existing identities, organizations can streamline user access and authentication processes, enhancing security and operational efficiency without the need to recreate user identities on our platform.


Secure by default

Regardless of whether it is about recieving, storing, changing or forwarding your data.
Rest assured, it´s safe!


Your safety is just one more step away and turns weak passwords into strong protection.

Secrets Store

Shhh.. it’s so secret, that we don’t even know what’s inside. Store passwords, access keys, IP addresses and tokens securely in our specially developed Secrets Store.


This is all greek to me… and that’s a good thing. When helmut.cloud communicates, it’s all encrypted.

With a focus on current security standards, helmut.cloud complies with EU and US standards. It supports 2FA and SSO and stores security-related tokens and keys encrypted in our Secrets Store.

A platform that adapts and scales to your needs

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, Helmut Cloud eliminates the need for you to manage technology infrastructure. There’s no need to install, update, or maintain any hardware or software. helmut.cloud offers a highly adaptable and scalable platform, designed to meet the specific needs of your departments, teams, and individual users. Whether you are a single user with straightforward workflow requirements or managing multiple organizations with complex needs, our platform seamlessly scales to accommodate an array of organizational structures and workflows.

Lean back and relax…we´ll take care of the technology.


Built for professionals, designed for users. Made easy for both.

No matter whether you are a single user or a large company, wether you have one or one million workllows. helmut.cloud can be your workllow CEO, thanks to the granular license model, that scales with you.

Your workflow is supported

For us, support is not an unwelcome fellow, but a perfect opportunity to show what we are made of. We offer different level of support to be sure you are in good hands. With your enterprise account you get first class in app support, to create, understand, and improve your workflows.


Complex and cost intensive integrations are a thing of the past!


Less time spent on building integrations.


More workflows for the same money.


Independence from the manufacturer.


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